Fly Fishing

DNA Fly Fishing Services are conducted by, Mike Porco, a long time resident of Kamloops and certified Freshwater Guide who has over 25 years of fishing experience. He has participated in shows on the World Fishing Network and has fished almost every body of water in our area, including most of the river systems in British Columbia. We concentrate our efforts on our customers needs: whether it is an opportunity to catch a lot of fish regardless of size, or more difficult situations, but the payoff is larger fish. We will be mainly fly fishing with floating lines and 5-6 weight rods, or when presented with a situation where we need to use intermediate sink or full sink lines. Flys used will be matched to the pertinent aquatic hatches that occur throughout the season in order to make our excursions successful and educational.  

There is always an opportunity to catch the rainbow trout of a lifetime in any of our stillwater lakes. Fly fishing in Kamloops has many opportunities, and we are excited to show it off to all of our valued guests.

All DNA's Fly fishing is done out of a trailered G3 17 foot flat bottom pram that is very wide and stable with ample room for all our gear. The boat is set up to be comfortable for long days on the water, two guests plus the guide can fly fish out of this boat with ease. On request for some of our smaller lakes that host bigger fish, where a trailered boat is limited, we use a car top 12 foot aluminum pram. This boat will host one guest and the guide.

*Four anglers can be accomodated, we partner with Brian Chan of Riseform for the additional guide/boat.  Can be booked if our schedules allow so.  Please book early.


2018 Daily Fees -

Guided Fly Fishing*

Full day consists of 8-9 hours fishing and includes fly rods, flies, lunch, Stillwater techniques and non alcoholic beverages.

Half Day consists of 4-5 hours fishing and includes fly rods, flies, lunch, Stillwater techniques and non alcoholic beverages.

Full Day Two Anglers **$500.00
Half Day Two Anglers **$400.00
Full Day One Angler **$400.00
Half Day One Angler **$300.00


Learn  tFlyfish  with  DNA

DNA Fly Fishing is offering an introduction to new anglers interested in learning the basics of fly fishing.  We will cover casting instruction, equipment choices, water entomolgy, reading water conditions, water safety and ethics and specific flies to use at different times of the year.  This is an on-water session and is offered all season long.  Learn to Flyfish sessions will run 4 hours and will include snacks, beverages and all pertinent gear.  Cost is $200.00 and is a one on one clinic.  Contact us to book today.

Dry land casting instruction also available: $100.00  1-1/2 hour session

CLICK   HERE   to book your guide day or clinic.

**Prices include GST/PST.